The Hiring Process Is A Time Robber

Why Did You Hit Apply?

We discovered over 80% of the candidates who apply are not qualified. 

Too many people take their resume and spray and pray because of the ease to apply on job boards.

Why Don't You Call Me Back?

Why is it people apply and then never answer the phone?

Are they simply not serious about your position?  You have better things to do than track people down.

Do You Know What Job You Applied For?

When the recruiter calls and asks the applicant what they know about the job and they say nothing, they just told the recruiter everything.

This is the world we live in.  

This Is Why Companies Turn To For The Hiring Process

Qualifying The Prospect

In a high-demand low-supply environment, we figured out how to move quickly through the pile of unqualified applicants.

Selling The Opportunity

People will give you a closer look if you offer  meaningful work and the right career opportunity.  We discover if they are Interested, Available and Qualified.

Closing The Deal

People will make a move for the right team. We have the conversation that converts a candidate to an employee.

Make your next great hire