Advertise Your Open Jobs

In the current labor market, how do you compete for top talent?

Next Level Performers partners with HR & Hiring Managers to reduce friction in the hiring process.

We write ads that attract the people you need, post them where they will see them then vet the resumes, so you don't have to.


Our Solution

Better Recruitment Using Marketing Techniques

The concept is simple - marketing your products and services helps you compete to find the right customers. Aptly marketing your job openings will similarly attract a wider audience and help you compete for top talent. 

Next Level Performers writes ads that attract the people you need, posts them where they will see them then vets the resumes, so you don't have to. We even have plans for those "hard to place" positions. 

Job Advertising

Attention is one of the most precious commodities, and many people guard against companies stealing it. Job Advertising understands this principle, values people's attention, and thus puts in the effort to make an ad worth paying attention to. 

Recruiting Campaign

For a single fee, we'll find as many candidates for a single role as we can in 30 days. We vet incoming resumes for "fits on paper" to find Interested, Available and Qualified candidates. We can even schedule the interviews. This method creates great savings for those seeking to fill multiple openings for a single role. 

Executive Search

We find the right candidate for special roles in your team with a comprehensive search of passive job seekers - those you'll never find on the job boards. Combining our own extensive resume database with AI-driven network searches, we locate the best candidates for hard-to-fill positions. 

Improve your Hiring Process

Reduce Hiring Friction with NLP

The numbers aren't in your favor unless you're skilled at overcoming them...

11 mill

Your job posting is competing with up to 11 million each month. 

Can you stand out in the Job Board Jungle?

60 %

Over 60% of all job ads are reposted. 

Because our job advertising ranks so high, our repost rate is less than 20%. 

80 %

Over 80% who apply are not qualified. 

Job boards make it easy to spray resumes without ever reading the job posting.

10 +

Hiring managers have to review a mind numbing 10 resumes before interviewing a single applicant.

Do you have the time?

About NLP

We simplified talent acquisition by leveraging advertising strategies you can count on.
Our company was founded to provide what companies said they lacked from the staffing and recruiting industry. We reduce friction in the hiring process for employers and job-seekers, Putting time back into your day and getting you out of the red and back into the black. 

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